Saturday, June 2, 2012

These secretaries are very sorry!

Saying or doing something inappropriate leads these sorry secretaries into a life of bondage! I was dressed in nude stockings with a black garter belt, pink lace panties and a pink bra, ribbed burnt orange sweater, tan skirt and nude peep-toe heels with an ankle strap while captioning.  I had to take a break before posting to indulge in some self-bondage with a tight crotchrope and a large wad of cloth filling my mouth, held with a wrapped cleave gag! What are you wearing when you look at my captions? Tell me in the comments below, or send email to me at!


  1. yeah! you made me a secretary! love itand all of them. terrific job!

  2. Loving the vein you're mining here and the theme you've got going. You *know* I'm liking the first caption the most (I feel flattered you used 'Joanna' to be honest) but the second comes a close second.

    Technique wise, the last caption is the easiest to read (and what an attractive image) but I'm loving the whole ensemble in Tiffany's caption.

    Thank you for keep sharing this stuff with us!

    Finally, I'm afraid to disappoint you, but I'm browsing these in my strandard trousers and a big hoodie because it's cold. Nothing femme at all at the moment. :(

  3. Fantastic job!!....please keep on posting bound girls in pantyhose!!! AWESOME!!....oh yeah, a few slips, and a few denim skirts would be very sweet too!!!! Thanks again!!