Friday, January 31, 2014

Crossdressed secretaries caught!

These poor secretaries - thinking that a day in the office or at home would be quiet! After dressing the part, the "girls" end up tightly bound and gagged, awaiting their fate at the hands of the men who catch them! I love dressing as a secretary and I usually end up in self-bondage when I do!! Please leave a comment or send me email - I'm hoping to post again early next week!



  1. :-D #2 is my favorite. Something about that crotch rope description really does it for me.

  2. Your caps are so amazing!!! I really like #1. Is there some place I could maybe put in a request?

    1. You can send me q request via email to, or you can write it here in the comments and I will see it! Thank you for enjoying my caps and I would be happy to make some for you!

    2. Thanks! Here is what I was thinking. My name is Steve btw. How about one where my girlfriend offers the opportunity to have a 3some with another one of her friends...Long story short things don't go the way I thought they would and I end up dressed up and tied up. Your imagination is way better than mine so i'll leave the rest to you. The only other thing I can give you is that I am a big fan of latex, hogties, and ballgags. Thanks again and great work!