Saturday, March 8, 2014


I finally finished a couple of requests for Nick and Steve, so here they are! You can make a request, too, by leaving a comment or sending me email at! I won't do nudity or explicit sex caps, but events leading up to sex are ok. Give me a name and a situation, and I'll see what I can do for you! Hope you like them! Toodles!!


  1. As ever, you are adept at finding images that fit your stories and creating situations that are very tasty indeed. Glad I have you pop up on my blog list though or I'd miss many of your updates!

    You know I love the Joanna ones.

    Could I cheekily make a request? Names would be Pete/Joanna and Anna (real girl companion?) for a joint bondage image. Situation would be something along the lines of a mad-ex-girlfriend upset that the new girlfriend had apparently successfully got rid of cross-dressing in partner and so taking revenge by forcing him to cross-dress and then both into bondage so they couldn't complain and had to drink in the sight.

    Or, failing that, a misguided attempt at therapy - girlfriend attempts to cure boyfriend of cross-dressing by adding strict bondage in aversion therapy, but, of course, the boyfriend enjoys that even more. Either he hides this successfully or the girlfriend ends up even more incensed that he seems to like it (depends on what facial expressions you can get in the model I suppose).

    I hope they're detailed enough, and, if they aren't, I hope my poor attempt to make a request at least conveys how much I enjoy your work!


    1. I've got a picture that fits your first idea perfectly - I'll work on it over the next week! Thanks for the request!

  2. Great captions Tina! Thank you so much for taking my request the caption and picture is perfect! Thank you again,
    Steve or should I say Stephanie :)

  3. I love the three way that didn't go as planned. :-D

    Joanna, I have some therapy caps you might like while you wait for Tina to make some.

  4. I would soooo let myself get into both of those situations ;) Great pictures for the scenarios that you come up with they are great. I think I need to talk to my significant other about a 3 way... looks fun

    Jessie Heels

  5. For some reasons, the rep rope and tape is al ot more sexy and turning on. Thank you som uch for the brillant pic xxx
    greeting from