Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Returning to captive crossdressers

Like every other blogger in the CD/TG caption space on Blogger, I got the email about the end of adult content in late March. I am probably going to end up at Tumblr, but I wanted to give you a final set of captions that I've made that hit right at the root of my being. Captured crossdressers, tightly bound and gagged, unable to stop their captors from taking them away permanently! I've had the chance to dress up for a couple of days now, but captioning only came because I tied myself up tightly and pretended to have been kidnapped, waking up to see myself dressed, hogtied and severely gagged with a wad of cloth held in by a knotted silk scarf (the knot pushed deep into the wad) and then wrapped with an ace bandage around my head! What a rush!!

Anyway, I'll post once more with the new blog info when it's ready.  And now, the captions!!

Toodles, Tina


  1. I don't know if your aware of this yet but we are all getting kicked of tumbler. Check your email.

  2. Take a note of the main post. It affects your blog: http://www.worldoftg.com/

  3. Hello again!

    Blogger has backed down from the rush, you're still okay from what I can understand. Basically, nothing changes on 23 March. You may need an interstitial page saying you have adult content.

    Also, love the captions, nice to see you producing!