Friday, March 30, 2012

Dressed in latex, then bound and gagged

This set is a request from Kim at Tight and Shiny for bodysuits and bondage.  Hope you all enjoy them! Click on the pictures for bigger views!  Leave some comments, please, if you are interested in a particular style.  Remember, I don't do explicit nudity or sex in my blog - just lots and lots of bondage!


  1. love these Tina , i really love your captions , keep up the great work hun , Stephanie xxx

  2. As ever, I think your image choice is amazing, and well considered for the scenarios you offer! Your work is very good, and I enjoy it!

    I'm partial toward females forcing the feminisation and enjoying the results, but this is just me. You have your muse and I enjoy the output this creates. My favourite scenario is a gender-reversal of the knight in shining armour trope.

    Just keep doing what makes you happy, I suspect you'll keep at least me as a fan doing what works for you!

  3. Just checked my account and what do I get? These lovely, sexy captions you´ve done for me!

    I like the first one must, not because of the story but because of the purple catsuit *giggle*

    thank you so much Tina, your captions are great, keep on doing them, I won´t forget that you did me this favour :))

    Love, Kim

  4. I want to be tied up and gagged wearing latex and high heels, these captions are amazing! Great job Tina!