Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dressing privately is not as private as you think

Dressing in the privacy of your home is a great feeling, but these unfortunate CD's weren't counting on being watched and surprised by an intruder - the life in bondage is just beginning!


  1. Thank you for the 4th cap. Using both of my names excites me and thank you for using them. It will appear on my blog tomorrow with credit to your blog...

  2. As ever your choice of images is awesome and the situations very well realised. My fave is the pink suit and heels of Tina, I approve of her tastes and also approve of the nature of her confinement.

    Please continue!

  3. Thank you Diane and Joanna for the kind words! Tina's pink suit is my favorite, too, Joanna - that's why she got my name! :) Diane, I look forward to seeing your blog tomorrow! Big kisses to you both!

  4. I just found you, thanks to Diane Leonard giving credit to one of your posts. Like others I love to combine CD with BDSM, submissive side only, Bondage is a big turn-on, so is pony-play, and of course good old fashion spankings. I know I will continue to enjyo your work