Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Secretaries' Day caps

I woke up this morning with even more ideas for crossdressed secretaries in bondage, so here's a few more caps for you! Please leave me some comments, I want to know if you are enjoying my blog!


  1. I'm enjoying your blog, me, I am!

    *jumps up and down and waves*

  2. SUKI is dressed absolutely correctly, dressed smartly, including an elegant choice in hosiery and high pumps in patent black. He looks ladylike enough, that during the weekend do at your country get-away, I would probably slip into town and buy some KY Jelly from the druggist there. Then when it gets to my turn, I'll throw the sissy over the dressing table, pull the skirt up & panties down, then test out his sissy pussy. We'll soon see how long it takes the sissy to give up resisting and start enjoying the being in the submissive role.
    I also like how you've tied SUKI & TINA's legs together properly so that they can get used to keeping their legs together in a true ladylike manner.
    The only criticism I have is of KIM, who, like you say, ignores putting on hosiery and is wearing sandals, which isn't allowed in any workplace. TINA's shoes are the maximum deviation allowed at the most liberal workplaces, having peep-toes and slingback heels. Luckily for TINA these shoes aren't just allowed but they keep in line with the elegant look for the sissy secretaries that you 'invited' to your country house for the weekend.
    For my choice, if I could, I would take TINA to be my 'personal assistant', while also paying a professional to come at weekends and smooth the sissy out, so he could pass as a woman at any time and throw his old male clothes away and live full time as my sissy bitch.