Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surprising secretaries on Secretaries' Day

April 25th is Administrative Professionals' Day in the US, or Secretaries' Day! I thought I would celebrate by putting men into secretary suits and heels, then leaving them tightly bound and gagged! Enjoy, and please leave comments for me - a girl's ideals can be crushed without ongoing validation! Or just email me at timidtinacd@gmail.com with ideas for other bondage caps! Toodles!!



  1. I love them all, as you know I find the whole idea of women in business dress in bondage very satisfying, especially if those women aren't really women - there's something of the wish fulfilment vibe there methinks.

    Best of the bunch here is the one with Polly, great image and a nice text to go with it. Second favourite is the last one - there's something about forcing CDs to do things that they wouldn't already do that I find... well, rather alluring.

    I'd love to request a caption idea from you, I really would, but I always end up a bit vague and unhelpful.

  2. I love the feeling you get as you are being hogtied, especially once you are already gagged