Friday, September 28, 2012

Cap requests for Tiffany

I've had almost no time for capping recently, but I did do these for Tiffany.  I am re-posting them here because I'm shamelessly hunting for views and comments.  Hopefully, I can settle into a more regular posting schedule, even if it's just once a week.  Enjoy the caps, and leave a comment or send me email at!

And, for a change, a couple of non-bondage caps! This may be a way to increase my postings if you like them, so chime in with a comment below!


  1. Okay, sorry, I've not been commenting as I should and...

    Well, I skimmed these caps back when Tiffany posted them and didn't check who did what and the first cap in this sequence stopped me. I couldn't just skip it. Of course, being lazy I simply left it up on my browser and kept checking back.

    And it was one made by you. Of course it was.

    So, I apologise, and say again how much I like your work. Thanks for making them and posting them for us to enjoy!

    1. Glad to see you are still enjoying the caps, Joanna! No need to apologize, we all seem to have less time to comment on the posts that excite us!

  2. Loving all these caps Tina , great job once again . I love your bondage captions and you have also done a excellent job on the non bondage captions . keep up the great work hun xx