Sunday, September 16, 2012

New jobs

Working women don't always have an easy time, so imagine what it's like for these boys! Dressed as women in their working clothes, then left bound and gagged and awaiting their initiation into womanhood!

Like many TG blog owners, I see the page views that happen, but there aren't many comments to let me know if you like what I am doing. I know we all just like to look at the hot pictures and read the exciting captions, but it doesn't hurt to leave a comment, even one saying "Love it!" Comments can be left anonymously, so there's no excuse - just do it! :) I also love to get email from you - send it to!

Stepping off my soapbox, here are the captions!


  1. love the cap shun awesome and perfect as always =]

  2. You might get more comments with out the robot test. It locks up my phone.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, I checked my settings and turned off the captcha. Hopefully I won't get too many spam comments.

  3. This was a great set. I really loved the lawyer getting his in the end...literately. I hope you won't be so angry by the stupidity of others not commenting. -Lucy

  4. Love this set, so hot :)